Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated a list of the questions we are most commonly asked about our à la carte Childcare by guests.

If your ski childcare query isn't covered here please don't hesitate to call us on 01252 365 495 or email today

How much is Ski Famille childcare?
Our childcare service is made up of flexible options that allow you to tailor care to your specific needs. Click here for details
What age limits apply to childcare?
We accept children from four months up to 12 years old.
When does childcare take place?
Chalet childcare is offered six days a week. Hours vary depending on the options you select but full day care (8 hours) is available for all age groups. The day off is Saturday.
Where does childcare take place?
Carers come to your chalet and use this as their base when looking after your children. This helps create a relaxed "home from home" environment for children of all ages. We believe this is unique to Ski Famille. 
What is the childcare ratio?
We follow OFSTED recommendations for day care and the ratio across the resort as a whole typically averages one carer to every four children.
Are baby formula and baby food provided?
UK brands of baby milk are not available in our resorts. Although there are equally good French brands available, we have found that most guests prefer to keep to their regular brand and bring this along with them.  We therefore don't provide milk powder as standard.  Homemade purées and Hipp Organic Baby jars are provided at meal times.
What equipment is available for babies & children?
Having the right childcare equipment is essential to a good holiday and with this in mind, we provide the following:-
  • Cots
  • Bed guards
  • Cot bedding
  • High chairs
  • Bouncers
  • Baby baths
  • Baby mats
  • Baby sledge
  • Buggies (all terrain)
  • Change mats
  • Sterilisers (steam or tablet)
  • Baby bottles
  • Potties
  • Monitors
  • Free nappies (bookable in advance)
  • Nappy bags
  • Wipes
  • Night lights

Are toys provided for the children?
There’s no need to bring any toys with you other than perhaps their favourite “goes-with-them-everywhere” toy. Our playrooms are well-equipped with plenty of craft materials, books, board games, puzzles, soft toys, cars etc. There’s also a selection of DVD’s and CD’s, although these are used sparingly and are generally used when children are tired and need a bit of quiet time.
Is ski school included?
Instruction is included in our Mountain Marmots child care club. We are only able to take children to and from lessons booked through Ski Famille.
What age can my child start ski school?
Generally the ski schools will take children from four years and above. We have a tailored option for 3 year olds in Les Gets, Reberty and La Plagne. We have a great free guide to getting your children on the slopes, you can download it here.
Will a child seat be provided during the transfers?
Transfers are provided by an external company who will usually supply a coach. It is not possible or safe to fit child seats to this type of vehicle. Parents should be aware that French law does not require coaches to provide safety belts.
What if my child has an allergy?
We will be able to cater for children with allergies, however clients should inform the UK office before travelling.

General notes for childcare 

Childcare takes place in the chalets. We have no central crèche, but all chalets have playrooms. These are not nurseries and are available for the use of all children outside childcare hours.

Most chalets are in pairs or very close to at least one other property. Where we think it is advantageous for operational reasons, or to allow children to meet others of a similar age, childcare may take place in a chalet other than one in which a child is staying.

Outdoor activities may be arranged outside the chalets in various parts of the resort. Our staff are not allowed to supervise children while they ski.

We do not accept children who are ill. This is in everyone’s interests. There are no refunds if the service is not used.

Acceptance of children once in resort is entirely at the Resort or Childcare Manager’s discretion. They may refuse to accept a child if their presence is detrimental to others, by reason of their health or behaviour.

We do not allow children to use personal electronic devices during childcare hours. Our childcare is designed to be fun and interactive and the use of these devices can exclude children who do not have access to them. In addition our childcare team are unable to take responsibility for these high value items.