Important Chalet Childcare Information

A full childcare service is provided on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8.30am to 4.30pm (9am-5pm in Reberty Village & La Plagne). It is intended to occupy and entertain children while their parents ski. Where appropriate we provide stimulating activities, but the service is not intended to have an educational element as you would find at nursery school.

The childcare service includes a ski school delivery and collection service within childcare hours, except on staff day off, when clients are asked to walk their children the short distance to ski school. Those at Chalets Les Chats Bleus and Mouflons in Les Gets will be provided with transport because of the distance involved. Delivering children to ski school on time, particularly for the first lesson of the day, depends on parents having them ready for the transfer.

Childcare takes place in the chalets. We have no central crèche, but most chalets have playrooms. These are not nurseries and are available for the use of all children at any time, whether or not the childcare service is operating.

Most chalets are in pairs or very close to at least one other property. Where we think it is advantageous for operational reasons, or to allow children to meet others of a similar age, childcare may take place in a chalet other than one in which a child is staying.

Outdoor activities may be arranged outside the chalets in various parts of the resort. Our staff are not allowed to supervise children while they ski.

The provision of a correct childcare ratio is important. It varies from chalet to chalet depending on the age, but we always work to UK Social Services and OFSTED recommendations for day-care. Across the resorts as a whole ratios will typically average one carer to four children.

Children up to and including 12 years old may use the service. This includes babies, but we may refuse a booking if we feel the childcare facilities in a particular week will be over-stretched.

We do not accept children who are ill. This is in everyone’s interests. Childcare is free, so there are no refunds if the service is not used.

Acceptance of children once in resort is entirely at the Resort or Childcare Manager’s discretion. They may refuse to accept a child if its presence is detrimental to others, by reason of its health or behaviour.

Children’s snack lunches can be pre-booked for the week (5 days) at £24 per child and £16 per infant (under 2). Alternatively they are available at €6 per day (Infants €4) in resort. Lunches are supervised by our staff. Parents are expected to look after their children at all other meals. The children’s evening meal is generally at 5pm, but the chalet host will confirm this.

Children’s menus. We produce healthy, balanced set meals, but it is impossible to cater for all tastes. If your child is likely to need a special diet, please liaise with the UK office well before going on holiday, as we may be able to alter menus accordingly. Problems with availability, choice and freshness means fruit cannot always be provided, or when it is, choice will be limited. Organic produce is not normally available in our resorts.

Evening baby sitting is available, even on staff day off. It costs €10 per hour per carer. The number of carers required depends on the size of the group and the age of the children. The decision is made by the Childcare Manager.

Childcare equipment

Each chalet will have access to the following childcare equipment. All are available without charge, but we do advise that you notify us of your requirements when booking as we may need to source additional equipment for peak dates. Cots and bedding, highchairs, bottles, teats and sterilisers (these may be tablet or steam), trainer cups, plastic spoons, bowls, selection of baby foods, drinks, milk powder, nappies (nappy packs should be pre-booked), baby wipes, tissues, talcum powder, potties, fireguards, plastic ‘Pelican’ bibs, night lights, baby alarms. In addition the playrooms have: toys (all ages), books, games, paints, paper, small chairs, small table,TV, DVD player, limited selection of children’s films and cartoons (but bring your favourites too).

We do not allow children to use personal electronic devices during childcare hours. Our childcare is designed to be fun and interactive and the use of these devices can exclude children who do not have access to them. In addition our childcare team are unable to take responsibility for these high value items.