Why children benefit from skiing at Skiplex

Our friends over at Skiplex explain the benefits that children get from skiing on one of their slopes.

Looking for new ways to keep your kids active? Or perhaps your kids are on the lookout for a new hobby? Bring them along to Skiplex, where we can teach them how to ski!

With centres based in Reading and Basingstoke, Skiplex has perfected the indoor skiing experience with our revolving indoor ski slope, which is technical jargon for ‘giant skiing treadmill’. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. And yes, we’re biased, but it really is a lot of fun.

For years now we’ve been teaching the local kids using this technology, without their ever having to leave the country in search of a real snow slope. But what do they get out of it? And why are we the top choice to teach them?

Safety first

Letting kids experience skiing indoors allows us to regulate the environment they are taught in. We have complete control of the carpet, can alter the steepness of the slope, and even have a handy support bar to keep kids upright until they gain confidence. No snow storms here.
Skiplex instructors are highly experienced skiers, well-versed in first aid, and will allow your kids to learn at their pace, lessening the chance of injury.

Fantastic for kids who hate the outdoors

A great number of kids don’t like ‘The Great Outdoors’, or the sports you play there. Rather than staying cooped up at home, though, indoor skiing is a fantastic alternative.
Our equipment takes all of the fun of the winter sport, and transplants it into a safe and comfortable environment for even the most squeamish of little-uns. We offer a range of activities for youngsters of all ages.
And no freezing cold slush in the face. Unless they ask.

It’s a great idea for a party

Every kid wants to hold the best birthday party of all their classmates. Why go bowling when they can learn how to ski as a real treat?
An afternoon at Skiplex would keep all their friends talking for weeks.

Preparation for a future skiing holiday

Preparing for your holidays is usually straight forward. Sunblock? Check. Passport? Check. Taking a child on a skiing holiday is a whole different issue, though, because of the skill needed on the slopes. And with snow in rather short supply in the UK, where is there to master the basics?

Learning beforehand at Skiplex means you won’t waste precious time figuring out how to stay upright. Instead, the whole family can head straight out to the best slopes to make the most of your holiday.

It keeps them active

Skiing is a full body workout that requires kids to use different muscles than they’re used to. And it’s so good for them.

Balance, core muscle strength and excellent coordination are fundamental to this sport, and will benefit your child in everyday life. And the best part? It doesn’t feel like a workout because they’re enjoying it.

Good for their mental health

Making sure our kids are happy and healthy is extremely important. Playing sports or learning a new skill, can work wonders for a child’s self-confidence and sense of worth.
They can work off the stress and anxiety of school work, and go to classes the next day knowing they can do something their mates can’t. Plus, our sessions enable even the shyest children to build friendships as they work towards a common goal:

Becoming the best skier in the world!

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