Muddy Puddles passionately believes that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit!”

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Muddy Puddles started on a farm with three small children getting muddy, and so Farmer Susie created the first all-in-one waterproof suit.

They’ve been making waterproofs and wellies for over 20 years, keeping kids snug, cosy and loving the outdoors whatever the weather.

Muddy Puddles believes that children should enjoy the natural world around them, and make versatile, resilient and protective kids waterproof clothing. They passionately endorse the benefits of outdoor education, believing that playing outdoors leads to bigger imaginations and improved concentration.

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Muddy Puddles supplies children’s waterproofs to over 1,000 schools and nurseries. They have also launched the  Muddy Academy, which provides support for forest schools and outdoor education. Muddy Puddles regularly holds free outdoor events throughout the county to encourage young children to enjoy being outside, as well as supporting various charities too!


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