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When planning your holiday, there’s a lot to think about – from travel arrangements to après-ski activities and everything else in between. There’s also a fair amount to prepare and organise before you set off. Here at Ski Famille, we like to make your family ski holidays as hassle-free as possible from start to finish. With that in mind, we thought we’d provide you with a handy list of packing essentials that are very useful (but easily forgotten) for your family skiing holiday.

Our Ski Packing List:


1. Ski Sun Cream

Perhaps the most important yet often overlooked item to pack is effective sun cream. It is very easy to get sunburnt while skiing as, despite the cold,  the sun’s rays reflect off the snow and can easily damage any exposed areas of skin.  Make sure you don’t end up red-faced on the slopes and pack a high factor to keep you and your family protected. A high factor sun cream is very important for younger children especially, who are at a higher risk of burning in the sun.

2. Ski Goggles and Sunglasses

The sun is not only something you need to protect your skin from, it’s something that you need to protect your eyes from too. Eyewear is absolutely essential – the combination of white snow and bright sunshine can be potentially damaging to your eyes – in fact,  you’ll be exposed to even brighter sun than you would on a sunny beach! It really is worth investing in high-quality protective eyewear, and remember, younger children will be more sensitive so it’s important to remain vigilant and ensure everyone in your party wears them.

3. Ski Socks & Base Layers

That ski jacket might feel warm when you try it on in the shop, but it’s very likely that it will feel a lot colder once you get to your resort and start skiing. Socks, vests, long-johns and other warming garments are very thin, so easily worn under your ski jacket and salopettes, and they make a massive difference in terms of keeping you warm. They don’t take up much room in a suitcase either, so make sure you take them with you – you’ll be glad you did, we promise!

4. Après Ski Clothes

While we are sure you’ll be keen to spend plenty of time out on the slopes, ski resorts offer many exciting après-ski activities too, so you’ll need to remember to pack some non-skiing clothes. Warm, comfortable clothes for outdoor activities are useful, as well as clothes for when you’re back in your cosy luxury ski chalet. You may also want to eat out at one of the many resort restaurants. You can leave the children in the chalet, who will be well looked after thanks to our babysitting service, while you can get dressed up and enjoy that much deserved evening out.

5. Ski Lip Balm

You should always remember to bring a lip balm with you when heading out on the slopes. Being in such a cold environment most of the day along with the sun and dry air means your lips can easily become dry and cracked. You can easily find such essentials around the resort, but it’s always good to be prepared in advance and it also tends to be more cost effective to buy it before you leave.

6. Ski Helmet & Hats

You need to protect your extremities from the cold while out enjoying the slopes! Hats are especially important for children, as a lot of heat can be lost through your head. It’s ideal to pack a few cosy woollen hats, as these keep in heat very well and are easy to carry. They can also be quickly swapped if one gets soggy in the snow! With such a physical activity, helmets are also required – however these can easily be rented at your resort. All children’s ski equipment hire bought through Ski Famille comes complete with a helmet.

7. Ski & Après Ski Gloves

You don’t just need proper skiing gloves, you need warm, everyday gloves too. Whether you’re strolling through the local village or doing an exhilarating cross-country ski you need to keep your hands protected from the elements.

8. Ski First Aid Kit & Safety Supplies

It’s a good idea to bring with you a fairly basic first aid kit, as little scrapes can be common and whilst it’s usually not too serious, a little kit can be handy and make sure small things are dealt with quickly and easily. Painkillers, plasters, antiseptic spray and other basics can make a big difference should any blisters or small scrapes occur.

9. Universal Travel Plug Adapter

That one thing that everyone forgets! Whilst not essential for your ski trip, if you do need to keep your phone charged up whilst you are away don’t forget this! Save the hassle and those crazy airport prices by remembering to pack one before you leave.

10. Passports, Insurance & Travel Documents

Getting to the resort is easy with our established transport links and airport transfers but without passports and essential travel documents, you won’t get very far! It’s also important to remember ski holiday insurance. Our partners are able to provide free insurance for children on your trip which can mean big savings for you.

Ski Essentials & Packing List Tips

This list is a pretty good starting point for the ski essentials and packing tips that everyone coming on a family skiing holiday needs. We like to provide the best information possible so you can go ahead and book your family ski holidays and know exactly what to expect.

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