Update 13th January 2022

This morning, the French government announced that the UK border was to reopen with immediate effect. Holidays will be departing from 15th January onwards. If you wish to book, please call us on 01252 365 495.

In terms of testing, the French, Swiss and UK governments continue to make last-minute changes to Covid testing and in-resort requirements. They can change at very short notice and you should read official government websites (below) to ensure you are aware of the current protocol.

For arrivals directly into France

For Geneva Arrivals

Please note that it is your responsibility, not ours, to make sure you have the correct testing and paperwork requirements. We will not be held responsible if you are denied boarding or cannot access the ski lift system or are refused entry into restaurants, etc.

You should already have a travel insurance policy in place, as per our terms and conditions. Please ensure that all potential COVID-related situations such as cancellation and costs of an extended stay are covered on your policy and if they are not, you should buy an alternative or additional insurance policy that covers you for such COVID situations.

Many thanks

The Ski Famille Team


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