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Last Updated 5th August 2020 at 2:07 pm

Family time, making new friends, amazing scenery… there are numerous reasons to go on a family ski holiday with your children this season. Hitting the slopes is great for children in so many ways and the benefits go far beyond physical!

We’re Muddy Puddles, children’s outerwear experts. Our mission is to inspire and enable thousands of children and families to enjoy the natural world around them and spend more time outdoors whatever the weather. So naturally, we’re always excited about cold, wind, rain and snow!

We’re passionate about all kinds of outdoor activities because we know they help children develop healthier bodies, better concentration and bigger imaginations. We’re delighted to have partnered with Ski Famille and wanted to share with you the 10 benefits of skiing with your children.


  • Improves mood

We know that active children are happier and skiing is no exception. Children who ski benefit from the same mood-enhancing effects of exercise; the increased production of endorphins gives young skiers a great sense of happiness. Plus, the pride and accomplishment they experience at the end of a good run also improves their mood!


  • Cardiovascular health

Little skiers get their bodies moving and their hearts and lungs working while learning how to master a set of skis. Moving all day helps improve their cardiovascular health and the best thing is that they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even notice they’re working out.


  • They’ll appreciate nature

Being on the mountain, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, clean air and the white snow glistening in the sunshine, children take in all the beauty and wonder of the world around them and appreciate nature even more.


  • Balance and coordination

While skiing, children have to be aware of each part of their bodies and learn to coordinate their movements to stay balanced on the slopes. The more they ski, the more their balance and coordination improves.


  • Confidence

Attempting anything new can be daunting for a child but trust us, children learn quickly! There’s nothing like the joy of making it down the hill for the first time without falling. Each time they learn something new it gives little skiers more confidence and pride in themselves.


  • Snow. Much. Fun.

A skiing holiday is the perfect opportunity for family time, making new friends, outside play and lots of fun in the snow. There are so many memorable activities that you can take part in. Ski Famille offers snowman competitions, Marmot hunts in the woods and they even run a Ski Famille Winter Olympics!


  • Learning from mistakes

Falling down onto fluffy snow and getting back up again is one of the best ways a small child can learn. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process. Skiing is a great opportunity to teach children to experiment, to try, to have a go at new things, to make mistakes and to learn.


  • Gets them outdoors

Little skiers quickly forget about screens, phones or the television when there’s so much fun to be had outdoors. Instead, they spend the majority of their days outside on a snow-covered hill or mountain surrounded by the beauty of nature, soaking up plenty of healthy vitamin D!


  • Builds little muscles

Hitting the slopes helps kids build their core and leg muscles and strengthens their joints. Stronger muscles can also help fortify their ligaments and tendons and can even help increase bone density. The benefits may go beyond physical health as active children feel better about themselves.


  • A good night’s zzz

The wonderful thing about hitting the slopes is that, at the end of each day, children should crash into bed and need almost no looking after at all! The rigorous day of exercise, being outdoors and experiencing something new each day will put them straight to sleep!


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