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Last Updated 21st May 2019 at 2:42 pm

For many people, the idea of driving across Europe to reach a ski resort is immediately dismissed in favour of flying. But done with the correct preparations, self-driving to your ski holiday can be a cost effective, entirely do-able and even pleasant experience!

  • No baggage restrictions.

Let’s face it, ‘travelling light’ isn’t really an option on a ski holiday. Bulky ski gear, and equipment can all add up and if you choose to fly you can definitely pay! Easyjet charges £37.37 for a 20kg bag, plus £70.70 for a single item of ski-carriage, meaning you could easily be looking at an additional £100 per person. There’s no such thing as luggage restrictions when driving so you can stack up the car with anything and everything you think you might need.

  • A less stressful way to travel

The ability to take things at your own pace, stop whenever you want, and enjoy a journey un-restricted by flight times and strict transfer drivers can significantly reduce the stress associated with travelling with children. We suggest picking out a good audiobook, filling the car with snacks and taking short breaks every couple of hours – you’ll be in resort before you know it!

  • Extend the holiday and explore France

There are plenty of French towns and villages en-route to and from the Alps, some of which are holiday destinations within themselves. Both Beaune and Dijon are en-route, and Paris isn’t far off, so by taking the time to divert off the autoroute you could find yourself having a holiday within a holiday!

  • French Supermarkets – stock up on the way home!

Take the opportunity to visit a French supermarket on the way home. Stock up on great value wine, champagne and French food in the supermarkets in and around Calais before boarding the Eurotunnel back to the UK.

If self-driving to the Alps appeals then why not check out our family skiing offers available on holidays departing throughout March and April? All our family offer prices include a Eurotunnel Felxiplus ticket allowing you to drive to and from the Alps anytime within a 365 day period.

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