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Last Updated 5th August 2020 at 3:53 pm

Families new to skiing often assume that you need to book a whole chalet in order to travel with Ski Famille. In fact well over 50% of families that book with us do so as an individual family and share with other like minded people. We only take bookings from families, so there is no fear of sharing a property with a group of guys or girls on a booze fueled tour of the Alps!

Sharing a chalet with strangers may seem an alien concept to those who have never tried it, however it can work really well and lots of families that meet in a Ski Famille chalet go on to re-book together in future seasons.

Here are 5 reasons to why booking into a shared chalet makes for a fantastic family ski holiday.

You will meet new people

Everyone that comes on a Ski Famille holiday has two things in common – they have children, and they love to ski. Sharing a chalet can be a fantastic way to meet other families that can easily turn into new friends. Children love to have other children for company on holiday. As a family ski tour operator, we only sell our holidays to families with children meaning we can guarantee that you won’t be stuck with a group of rowdy singles.

There’s no need to find enough people to fill a whole chalet

Booking into a shared chalet means you can enjoy all the benefits of a chalet holiday without the need to find a large group to fill it. The home-from-home environment, chalet-board catering and access to private hot-tubs and playrooms are all fantastic benefits that you generally cannot find in hotels. You can also skip the often long-winded process of attempting to find a group of friends that all want to travel to the same resort, stay in the same chalet, and travel on the same dates – just book what works for you!

It’s fantastic fun for the children

Above all else, sharing a chalet is great fun for your children. When booking into one of our chalets we will, wherever possible, match your children to those of other families already booked in, giving them the best chance possible of meeting other children of a similar age. Having a ready made group of friends to go to ski-school with, have dinner with and play games with is sure to make their holiday – and it means you can relax safe in the knowledge that your children are having a ball.

A ready made group for next years ski holiday

On many occasions we’ve had families who’ve met on holiday who then go on to book to travel together on future trips. Whilst you may not have the numbers to take a chalet on a sole occupancy basis this time round, next year it could be a completely different story.

You still have your own space

Just because you are sharing a chalet, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own space. Think hotel room set-ups within a home-from-home environment. Every single one of our rooms is en-suite and there is definitely no queuing for the bathroom in the morning. We are also extremely proud to be one of the few family ski operators that offer flexible family suites in nearly all of our chalets. These interconnecting rooms give you additional bathrooms, increased storage space, and more space to call your own.

Ski Famille provides family ski holidays to the Alps with unique in-chalet childcare. The 2020/21 ski season is now on sale so call our friendly team on 01252 365 495 to enquire about your next family ski holiday, or order your free copy of our 2020/21 brochure.

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