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Last Updated 10th April 2019 at 12:00 pm

Saturday to Saturday ski holidays have long been commonplace within the ski industry and, whilst some tour operators are now choosing to switch to Sunday changeovers, here at Ski Famille we firmly believe that Saturdays are still the way forward.

Here are our top 3 reasons why Saturday changeovers are the best bet for family ski holidays:

1. The excitement builds on that last Friday at work

Travelling on a Saturday means you can spend that last Friday at work feeling smug about the fact that you are off on holiday in the morning.

It will definitely make the day go faster and get rid of that all too common ‘Friday feeling’! It also avoids that limbo Saturday when you can’t really plan anything, and just end up waiting around for Sunday morning to arrive.

2. A day to spare when you get home

Perhaps the best thing about holidays that start and end on a Saturday is that once you get home you’ve got a full day to get organised before heading back to work.

It makes all the difference having the Sunday to relax, get the washing done and ensure there’s some food in the house before you start the week. Saturday changeovers also give the children a day to rest and acclimatise to being back at home, as well as getting back into a normal routine, making the Monday Morning School or Nursey run that little bit more bearable!

3. 6 full mornings of ski lessons.

Saturday to Saturday holidays are perfect for ski holidays because they allow for 6 full mornings of ski lessons.

Most of the Ski School providers across the Alps offer lessons from Sunday to Friday, with those travelling with Sunday changeover tour operators often missing out on that crucial first day of lessons. When learning to ski, that extra day not only increases your child’s confidence but means that they won’t be playing catch-up by coming in a day late.

Ski Famille offers Saturday to Saturday holidays throughout the Ski Season. Our holidays come with inclusive Gatwick flights, or a Eurotunnel Flexi Plus crossing for those wishing to drive. We also offer additional flexible travel options with flights from regional airports and Eurostar crossings at a supplement cost. 



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