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Our list of great board games – the perfect way to spend your evening after a fantastic day on the slopes!

When getting ready for your family skiing holiday, most of your thoughts are bound to be about getting out onto the slopes and enjoying some fantastic skiing time together.

Booking with Ski Famille means that not only can you ski on the beautiful slopes of the French Alps but also look forward to staying in your home away from home in our luxury family skiing chalets where comfortable accommodation, cosy fires and exquisite three course evening meals with wine are all part of the package.

There are a great many après activities to enjoy, and your conveniently located chalet means that heading out to explore the cafes, shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the fantastic entertainment taking place in your resort has never been easier.

However, a family holiday is all about spending quality time together, and sometimes there is no better way of doing this then going back to basics and settling down in your warm chalet to an entertaining board game and a night of family fun. 

Whichever beautiful resort you decide to stay in, all our chalets come with a fully stocked playroom, perfect for children and parents to relax in. With plenty of toys, films and games there is lots to choose from,  and our brilliant board games are sure to keep the whole family entertained!

Whether you love a challenging general knowledge quiz, a shout the answer outstyle team game, or a fast paced and silly board game we make sure we provide something for everyone. 

Here are some of our favourites, which we think make the perfect way to relax after a exhilarating day on the slopes. 


Who wants to be a Millionaire?

This classic board game is fun for all the family. Based on the famous TV show where host, Chris Tarrant, puts players in the hot seat to ask them twelve questions and see if they can make it to a million. For lovers of general knowledge this game is great, with easier, multiple choice questions and helpful hints such as ask the audienceand 50/50 which makes it one that both children and adults will love. The game boasts over 2000 questions and you can take it it turns playing hostso everyone gets to join in. Its easy to play in teams so you can help out the little ones too!  


Logo Game

In the Logo Game youve got to be clued up on your products to play! Simply look at the logo and correctly guess the product or company of some of the UKs most well known brands. Another great game to play in teams, this will keep the whole family entertained on those cosy evenings in your relaxing family chalet.


Sshh! Dont Wake Dad! 

This game is great for families with younger children and will sure to give you lots of laughs. The aim of the game is to reach the fridge and win the chocolate cake without waking Dad! Using the exemption cards, players can avoid pressing Dad’s alarm clock so as not to disturb him. With funny electronic sound effects such as Dad snoring, the clattering of pans, and the shriek of the cat as you tread on his tail, this is sure to have to everyone laughing the night away, and a game that the children will want to play again and again.  


Tummy Ache

This is the perfect game for a night of silly family fun. Here players must attempt to put together an edible meal out on the place setting, but if you make a terrible combination that might cause a tummy ache, youre in trouble! A hilarious game for all the family and the perfect way to unwind after a day on the slopes! 


Crazy Chefs 

This is another fantastic food based game that is perfect for children aged 3+. Here children can learn all about food and cooking in this fast paced, action-packed game of family fun. During the game players must assist the chefs in the crazy kitchenby helping them gather everything they need to make a delicious meal. The winner is the player who collects all their ingredients first and manages to correctly spin the spinner in order to be able to cookit. This is the perfect family board game to work up an appetite before sitting down to your own, rather more sophisticated three course meal, with specially designed menus for children too!

All of these fantastic board games, plus many more are available in our family skiing chalets, and with games to suit all ages, and a wide variety of game types, you are sure to find something your whole family will enjoy. 

So if you are looking for the perfect way to finish a day of exhilarating skiing on the slopes, simply head back to your chalet, grab a glass of wine and settle down for an evening of brilliant family fun. 

If you havent booked a ski holiday with Ski Famille yet then we have some fantastic catered ski chalet offers, and the 2016/17 season is now on sale.

Call our expert team now on 01252 365 495 and we’ll help you book the perfect ski holiday for your family this season.

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