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It can be hard going away with the whole family and staying in a hotel together.

By the time you have found a hotel with the correct combination of rooms, beds and services (which also still has some availability for your dates!) the cost is already beginning to mount up … and that’s without any of the extras, such as the mini-bar you find yourself diving into after a day on the slopes, or those expensive snacks that the kids insist on eating while you wait for dinner because they are “oh so hungry”!

Often the reality of staying in a hotel as a family is less than ideal. Sometimes rooms are not available next to one another, so the family can get split up, or the routine of the hotel doesn’t allow for much flexibility in terms of coming and going.

So, perhaps you have tried, or are considering, going self-catering?

For most families getting away for their ski holiday the last thing they want is to be thinking about cooking and then cleaning up after a full day on the slopes.

The extra workload can defeat the point of having a break. Eating out every night as an alternative to cooking can prove very expensive. Not to mention the state that the apartment gets into within just a few days of arriving, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean!

Who really wants to be cleaning up after the children on their ski holiday?

Catered Ski Chalet Holidays for Families

If it’s a hassle free holiday with total flexibility and access to childcare that you are looking for, our staffed family ski chalets provide all of these things, as well as offering a solution to all of the issues mentioned above!

Not only is there room for the whole family to stay together in one chalet, often in family suites, the chalet is also fully staffed. This means you can relax whilst your family is catered for by our friendly chalet hosts. Each day breakfast, afternoon tea, children’s supper and an adult evening meal are cooked for you in your chalet; delicious high quality home-cooked food served at a time that is convenient for you.

All the cleaning will be done for you too – you just relax and enjoy your skiing! Our chalet holidays are tailored so that you can concentrate on having fun with the family whilst making the most of your time on the slopes.

Our ski chalets have in-chalet childcare!

The biggest benefit with Ski Famille is that our sole focus is on families and we offer in-chalet childcare. Whatever the age, stage and needs of your children all of the adults can still enjoy a full day’s skiing. No one has to stay home to babysit or do ski school runs, it’s all part of the service.

Our experienced staff will keep your little ones entertained so that you can enjoy your holiday. Fancy some adult time in the evening? Our staff are available for baby sitting throughout your holiday. It’s a real chance to relax.

Our staff are fully trained and qualified and are only taken on if they show a genuine enthusiasm for helping children make the most of their time in the mountains. We can cater for any allergies or special requirements and will look after your children as if they were our own.

Our ski chalet hosts are experienced and exceptional

Our ski chalet hosts are focussed, experienced and professional. They have excellent local knowledge and will take care of everything in the chalet; you don’t have to worry about a thing. Need extra pillows, no problem. Need a wash and dry for some of the children’s clothes? Just ask.

It’s convenient and it’s easy. You will enjoy the privacy of your own chalet without having to worry about any of the chores that come with self catering. Your chalet holiday will be tailored to suit you, and our staff are flexible, meaning that if you need to change your schedule last minute, they will accommodate that. It provides you with complete freedom to enjoy your skiing break.

Our catered ski chalet holidays are great value!

Your family ski holiday package is half board. This means that morning and evening meals during your stay are included for the whole family, along with your accommodation. Adults will enjoy Aperitifs, canapés, three courses, coffee and wine (6 nights per week). We also have a carefully chosen children’s menu.

By the time you have budgeted for food and all the extras you spend when you stay in a hotel or go self catering, family ski chalet holidays are excellent value for money.

Our chalets are in great locations in the French Alps close to the slopes; you don’t need to rely on transport before you can get your skis on. In many cases we are able to offer free or reduced price children’s ski passes. The chalets themselves are high quality, beautiful and clean with dedicated child play areas and toys. Enjoy your hassle free holiday in a relaxing and family friendly environment.

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