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Last Updated 22nd May 2019 at 12:10 pm

There are two important equations to consider when planning a family skiing holiday.

1)    The often quoted “Happy Children = Happy Parents” is one of our core values at Ski Famille, but don’t forget…

2)    “Warm Children = Happy Children”!

So, ensuring the children stay warm and dry is an important starting point for hassle free family adventures in the mountains.

Children’s Ski Clothing

One piece or two?

For the littlest of children, an all-in-one snowsuit is a great way to ensure they stay snug and cosy whilst having fun in the snow. We found some great one pieces on the high street including this dare2b snowsuit which comes in a range of designs, or this Columbia snuggly bunny all-in-one. Both are under £50.

For children over five, separate salopettes and a jacket provide a more flexible option and are much easier to negotiate when it comes to toilet and hot chocolate stops! The variety of colours and designs available is also much more substantial, meaning you are more likely to find something that your child is happy to wear. Mix and match jacket and salopette designs to create your own look, or coordinate colours to create the appearance of a one-piece without the hassle.


Top Tip: Getting the most for your money

Your children’s ski gear needn’t be budget busting – they will probably have grown out of it by next season anyway. However, if you do want to buy them something pricier, get it in the next size up. Getting two seasons of wear for your money can only be a good thing, and after that – pass it down to a younger sibling or friends. The summer months are also a fantastic time to buy your children’s ski wear; last season’s stock is now on sale and you can often find designer pieces for high street prices.

Base Layers

Thermal base layers are a vital piece of kit when taking your children skiing. It’s these that will be doing the bulk of the work when it comes to keeping your child warm. They can be picked up fairly cheaply on the high street and online. Thermals are in direct contact with your child’s skin so pack a couple of pairs so they can switch to a fresh set half way through the week. Base layers are not just for skiing, they can be worn back in the UK to keep your children snug and warm throughout the rest of the winter.

Accessories, Accessories

In addition to the items above, there are a few other bits to ensure your child has before heading off on holiday. Ski gloves or mittens are a necessity (don’t scrimp here – cold damp fingers can be pretty miserable!), as well as a warm bobble hat. Goggles are much easier to handle than sunglasses, and ski socks can be picked up fairly easily in many high street stores. It’s also a good idea to get a neck warmer for your child to keep the cold out of any gaps between their jacket and helmet. Don’t forget a pair of warm & sturdy snow boots. A miniature sun cream and lip balm for your children to keep in their coat pocket is also good to have.


Children’s Clothing for Après Ski

Aside from ski wear, your child will also need some extra clothes for non-skiing activities. Pack an additional pair of gloves or mittens as well as a few warm fleeces or jumpers. Leggings are also great for girls as they can double up as base layers under their salopettes; the same can be said for long sleeved tops.  Ultimately they aren’t going to need many clothes in addition to their main ski gear so don’t over pack here. You’ll probably find that they are happy just wearing their thermals in the evenings anyway!

Where to get it all

Children’s ski gear is available in many more high street shops than it used to be, making it much easier to kit out your children. Ski Famille favourites include Ellis Brigham, Snow + Rock, Trespass and Mountain Warehouse, all of which are now commonplace on the UK high street. Aside from specialist sportswear shops, we’ve also found stores such as Boden, M&S and H&M stock some great skiwear, albeit limited in options. Decathlon and Sports Direct are also well worth a look and offer good value.

There’s also some fantastic online stores that stock a range of brands and labels, giving you a vast selection of items to pick from. Our go-to sites include which stocks brands such as Columbia, Roxy and Trespass; which stocks its own bespoke range of children’s outerwear including ski gear (use code SKIFAMILLE for a 15% discount).

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