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Stay stylish on your family skiing holiday with these great fashion tips!

There is nothing more exciting than getting packed and ready for an amazing family skiing holiday. 

Unlike a beach holiday where you can easily grab your light summer clothes, bathing suits, and beach towels and then you are done, preparing for a skiing holiday may take a little more thought and preparation … particularly when you have got children to think about!

Stylish mums will want to look good on and off the slopes, while also making sure that the whole family has everything they need to stay warm, safe and comfortable for the duration of the trip. 

Space is, of course, a factor as ski clothing can take up lots of precious packing room. It is essential to make sure you select your outfits wisely so you are prepared for all occasions, and feel great in everything you wear.

Any seasoned skier will know that there are plenty of people who believe that when it comes to fashion on the slopes, anything goes! We have certainly seen our share of impractical, outrageous and downright strange outfits that not only scream fashion disasterbut also can affect the safety and comfort of the wearers, and potentially those around them too.

Lets take a look at some of the biggest fashion faux pas ever to hit the slopes, as well as some fashion inspiration from those who have got it just right. 

To onesie or not to onesie?

A smart and elegant all in one ski suit can look fantastic, but with the range of ski jackets and Salopettes out there, we have to ask, is the era of the onesie well and truly over?

 A two-piece skiing outfit is not only more practical (struggling in and out of a one piece can become annoying rather quickly) but it also gives the wearer more options in terms of creating their own individual look. You can go for a classy matching ski jacket and ski trousers, or mix it up with different colours and materials for a cool and casual skiing style.  Check out the great range at Snow + Rock for inspiration. 

Is retro cool?


Weve all witnessed the craze of the 80s ski suit, but lets be honest, it may have run its course. An ill-fitting, unflattering ski suit with a pattern that makes your eyes hurt is a  serious no-no for the slopes.

However, if you do love a more vintage-inspired look then go for something slim fitting, and make sure its all one colour to hint at retro style without going too overboard.

Practical doesnt have to mean dowdy 

When skiing with your family, comfort and practicality is the most important factor. However, practical doesnt have to mean boring. 

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your family’s skiing outfits and accessories, with options in all colours, shapes and sizes, while still offering the best protection and practicality to keep you safe and dry on the slopes. 

So dont just go for the sensibleoption, have a browse and have fun!

Are we on a beach or on the piste?

Skiing is fantastic exercise, and when you stop for lunch or a well-deserved drink at one of the tempting piste-side cafes or bars you may well want to relax in the sun while you do. 

Make sure you dress in plenty of layers so it is easy to remove them and get comfortable if you get too warm. Bikinis and swimming costumes are perhaps a step too far though (trust us – it has been seen before!)

Neon – bold doesnt have to be blinding!

Skiing fashion is all about having fun, and of course, if you are skiing with your family bright colours are easy to spot in a crowd. Some people perhaps take this a little too far though!

Be bold, bright and beautiful on the slopes, but perhaps avoid blinding your fellow skiers if at all possible! 

Matching outfits

Matching outfits can be cute, and another easy way to keep track of your family when enjoying your time on the slopes! 

Subtlety is usually the way forward. 

Why not all chose different variations of the same style or colour for cool co-ordination, or get matching bobble hats, but keep your outfits different?


Fashionable skiing outfits are all about having great accessories to go with them. Once you have decided on your ski clothes, pick out some trendy accessories afterwards to complete your skiing look. 

A warming bobble hat, waterproof gloves and a pair of flattering sunglasses are skiing essentials and will give an extra pop to your outfit. Ellis Brigham has plenty of cosy and colourful beanies to get you started!

Off piste fashion 

No doubt after a long day strutting your stuff on the slopes (and skiing of course!) youll no doubt want to settle down with a glass of wine and a fantastic meal in our beautiful cosy, fully catered chalets

For this you will need clothes that are soft, comfortable and warm, but that doesnt mean you cant create a fantastic off-dutylook when you are finished skiing for the day too. Winter Women has a great range of stylish skiing clothes for both on and off the slopes. 

Socialising over a meal curated by your own chalet chef at the end of the day is all part of the Ski Famille experience, and changing into something that makes you feel relaxed and stylish is the perfect end to a great day out. 

Of course you may well want to treat yourself to an adults only night out, and explore the great bars, pubs and restaurants our wonderful resorts have to offer. 

With our In-Chalet childcare service, you can leave the children in the expert hands of our nannies and get glamorous for a wonderful evening out in your resort. 

Of course really we know that the most important thing is to have a fantastic family skiing holiday and to make sure you and your family are equipped with everything they need to have a great day out on the slopes. 

However, there is nothing wrong with looking great while you do it, so follow these fashion tips and be best-dressed family in the Alps! 

If you are looking for a fantastic deal on a luxury family skiing holiday for the 2016/17 season Ski Famille can help. We are currently offering some fantastic prices on skiing packages, so why not take a look at our 2016/17 preview brochure, or get in touch with our friendly team and let us help you book your perfect family skiing trip today? 

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