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Last Updated 15th May 2019 at 2:58 pm

Following a few winters of fluctuating demand for the ski industry, demand is very strong for the coming season. A recent survey by the Ski Club of Great Britain (SCGB) attributed this, at least in part, to the improved exchange rate. The past 22 months having seen the Pound strengthen by around 18% against the Euro and UK based skiers are in a much better position than we were a couple of seasons back, meaning there are great savings to be had for those wanting to holiday in the mountains this winter.

SCGB CEO, Frank McCuster recently said that ‘confidence levels are at the highest for some time and the strength of the pound means people get more for their money’ and this is certainly true for those booking with Ski Famille this season. When pricing this season, the favourable exchange rate has meant that we have been able to dramatically increase the number of free child places available, as well as increasing child discounts on many weeks.

The cost of ski hire and lift passes are an important consideration for families looking to book a skiing holiday and Ski Famille has been able to offer pre-booked ski hire at a reduction of 18%. Equally, whilst on average lift passes have seen Euro price increases, we have still been able to pass savings of up to 8% onto guests booking with us for this season.

So what about savings whilst away on holiday? The price of lunch on the mountain is another factor that is important to consider for those planning on heading abroad this winter. With the current exchange rate a family of four spending around €20 a day per head will save approximately £50 a week. This is great news for those wanting an extra couple of glasses of Vin Chaud following an active day on the slopes. Year-end projections are also looking favourable with the €/£ rate predicted to stay at over €1.35/£1 meaning you really will get more for your money.

Taking a broader look on the subject, the improved exchange rate has also lead to an increase in investment by ski firms. Recent trends have meant that companies have been less able to be innovative and re-invest in their products and services, and this new appetite for investment is sure to benefit skiers. Better accommodation, higher quality catering and improved supporting services are just some of the benefits skiers are likely to come across a result of this favourable exchange rate, and in turn a better value holiday. Good news all round!

Author: Ski Famille 
Published: 5th October 2015 

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