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Last Updated 21st May 2019 at 3:07 pm

Introducing our very own unique Family Chalet Finder tool…

Have you been preparing for your annual winter-fix in the mountains and struggled to decide which chalet will best suit your family’s needs? Perhaps you have multiple chalets in mind and narrowing down your choice is proving painstakingly difficult.

You may thoroughly enjoy the family holiday decision-making process, or you may simply be anticipating the day where you can tick off booking your holiday from your “to do” list. Either way, our innovative Family Chalet Finder has been designed with you in mind. The aim is to simplify the process of choosing a chalet with a fun and interactive ‘quiz-style’ approach.

The tool recommends the most relevant chalets for you based on your answers to a few short questions. Your answers draw you to the chalets that closely align with your personal tastes, likes and dislikes.

The quiz below only takes a couple of minutes (at most) to complete.

Discover the chalet that's right for your family

Complete our short interactive quiz to find out which of our chalets would suit your family’s needs the closest.

Remember that regardless of the chalet your family are staying in, our holidays:

  • Start on Saturday’s and finish on the following Saturday
  • Include flights and transfers (unless otherwise stated or if you’d rather drive to the Alps)
  • All-inclusive child-friendly food at 5pm and adult meals at 7.30pm (6 days a week)
  • In-Chalet Childcare - our nannies look after your children from your chalet’s playrooms
  • Nannies who will walk your child to and from ski school and be on-hand throughout your child’s lessons
  • Spa facilities (one or a combination of; a hot tub, sauna and steam room)


We hope the tool will be helpful for you, however there is no substitute for talking to an expert.

Call our friendly team on 01252 365 495 if you require help in choosing the ideal chalet for your family or you’d like assistance in booking the perfect family skiing holiday.

Please share the tool with any friends and family who may be interested in giving it a go.

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