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Last Updated 15th May 2019 at 3:54 pm

When you are excitedly planning a family skiing holiday, ski travel insurance is a rather uninspiring aspect of a trip that risks being overlooked.

Any activity holiday carries some element of risk, but there is far more to holiday insurance than cover for potential injuries. Over the years we have had a number of families who have had to cancel a planned holiday before departure due to unforeseen issues … and one or two have been caught out without adequate cancellation insurance.

We have chosen to work again with MPI brokers this winter. MPI’s MD, Michael Pettifer, can only be described as a “ski nut” and their policies have been carefully crafted to ensure they provide the kind of cover, and support, needed by skiing families.

What’s covered? – MPI includes off piste cover as a matter of course, now excluded in many annual policies, and their personal liability insurance also covers voluntary ski hosting; if you are showing friends around the slopes this could apply to you more readily than you might imagine.


Why MPI? – We have used MPI for our staff cover for many years and when we (inevitably!) have an over excited chef or nanny who comes a cropper in the snow park their back up and assistance has been superb. In addition MPI have personally visited the medical centres in many French resorts to ensure they understand the cover in place and how their assistance team can help in the event of an accident.

We recommend that all of our guests have insurance in place at the time of booking. Our hope is always that the run up to a holiday and the holiday itself is 100% incident free, but for relatively little cost you can ensure you are covered.

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