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To maximise your fun and relaxation, make sure your children feel safe and prepared before your family skiing trip

If you are thinking about going on your first family skiing holiday it is definitely worth spending some time preparing your children. The clearer their expectations, the easier it will be for everyone!  

Spending time in the snow is unquestionably going to get children of all ages excited, however spending a little time talking through what they can expect the first time they hit the slopes (along with what they can do in their après ski time away from the slopes) will calm any nerves or fears and make them even more enthusiastic about your skiing holiday together. 

Talk about how much you love it – and why

Simple conversations prior to your holiday about why you love skiing, how you first started, and your experiences out on the slopes will ensure children get excited and curious. If you have pictures or video clips from previous holidays sit down and show them. The beautiful snow, the mountains and the cosy fires will help them understand why you enjoy it. 

Showing them pictures of the gorgeous ski chalets they will stay in and the wonderful resorts they are going to visit will also help them picture themselves there – they’ll be even more impressed when they see it in real life!

Ski Famille has a series of videos coming out soon that will help all of the family develop an understanding of what you can expect from our chalets and childcare service. In the meantime Youtube is a great resource; there is no end of footage to help you conjure up the family ski holiday experience. 

Be honest with them

If your child has never skied before they are bound to have some questions about what it is like. Its OK to tell them that learning to ski might be difficult at first, but with a little practice they will quickly get better … and then it starts to get really fun! 

There is no need to shy away from the fact that it will be cold.  Again honesty is the best policy; with everyone properly togged up and enjoying activities in the snow the temperature quickly gets forgotten; it’s just part of the fun. 

For more information on how to prepare your child for their first skiing lessons read How to Prepare Your Child for their First Skiing Lessonhere

Talk them through the equipment

If you are planning to buy your children ski gear before your holiday then theyll have plenty of time to get used to wearing the unfamiliar clothing. Few things are more entertaining than running around the house in full ski kit and goggles! 

Most families will hire skis and boots for children rather than buy (it’s rare to get more than a season’s use) but why not take them to a ski shop to try on ski clothes and boots so they can see what its like and have a little practice wearing them before you head out to the Alps?

Get some practice

If you can, its great to book your child in for a couple of skiing lessons before coming on a longer skiing trip. There are dry slopes, indoor real snow slopes and (a particular favourite of ours) SkiPlex revolving indoor slopes dotted around the UK. 

Even a short session before a holiday allows them to learn the basics, familiarise themselves with the environment and kit and feel a little more confident before they ski in the Alps. 

If you cant get to a ski slope of any kind,  why not try rollerblading or ice skating instead? These sports use similar muscles and skills as skiing, so will help your child get an idea of what it’s like and help them feel prepared for their first time on the slopes. 

Read books and watch videos

There are plenty of great books about skiing which you can find in your local library or in various bookstores. We are big fans of “Monty Goes Skiing”, you can find out more about Monty’s adventures and book here. Any good book focussed on children will teach them not only about skiing, but other relevant interests related to the mountains and snow. 

As we already mentioned, watching skiing videos of others enjoying themselves in the mountains will also help children to get excited about giving it a go themselves. Maybe save the extreme skiing clips for when they are a bit more confident though! 

Talk about all the other great things youll do

While its important to make sure your children are excited about the skiing itself, its also a good idea to talk about all the other fun activities theyll be able to enjoy. 

Your resort has a wealth of apres ski activities which your children will just love. Knowing that there is plenty to enjoy will get them looking forward to all parts of the holiday and take the pressure off the skiing element in case they are still feeling a little nervous about it.

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Getting your children prepared for their first family skiing trip takes a little time and effort, but having children who are enthusiastic and geared up to give skiing a try will help your whole family feel positive and happy; you’ll be counting down the days until you arrive!

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