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Here’s our look at James Bond’s top three ski chase scenes to watch before your family ski holiday!

There’s nothing like a good Bond film to snuggle up and watch with the family on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or even better – in your ski chalet after a busy day on the slopes! To celebrate the release of Spectre in the UK on 26th October 2015, we’re taking a look at 007’s greatest skiing moments throughout the years.

We’ve plenty of fantastic snowy ski moments to choose from the last 50 years, but which one takes the crown as your top Bond ski chase scene?

1.  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The sixth film in the series, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service follows Bond as he faces Blofeld, a villain threatening to sterilise the world’s food supply unless he is pardoned for his previous crimes. The majority of the scenes were shot at Schilthorn, Lauterbrunnen and Saas-Fee, Switzerland – just a few hours away from our French resort of Les Gets.

So naturally, the film is full of action-packed ski scenes – and they still stand up by today’s standards!

Our favourite ski scene comes when Bond is captured, and then escapes from the Piz Gloria (Blofeld’s mountain base, now a famous revolving restaurant). In fact, this ski chase scene is often cited as one of the best Bond chases of all time!

It has to be up there, surely?!


2.  The Spy Who Loved Me

Roger Moore’s third appearance as Bond and the tenth film in the series, The Spy Who Loved Me follows Bond putting a stop to Karl Stromberg, a reclusive megalomaniac who plans to destroy the world and create a new civilization under the sea. Wow!

The opening downhill ski chase where James escapes an ambush by Soviet agents somewhere in Austria (it was actually shot in St Moritz) is an absolute classic and a much-loved favourite for Bond fans.

The climax of the scene is what makes this one memorable though, and our possible favourite ski scene. As Roger Moore’s 007 outfoxes a chain of gun-wielding Russian henchmen, before skiing off a cliff (filmed on Baffin Island in Canada), falling thousands of feet before freeing his parachute, adorned in the colours of the Union Jack.

Our favourite bit? Bond’s banana yellow ski suit.


3.  For Your Eyes Only

Another one in contention for the greatest Bond chase scene of all time – For Your Eyes Only’s ski chase scene off the ski jump, through the bobsleigh track and even through a restaurant of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

Unfortunately, during filming that particular region of the Italian Alps had little snow (which was several hours from our French ski resorts), so the powder on the town’s streets had to be trucked in elsewhere especially for the scene.

The ski chase scene really is excellent as Bond is skiing down the bobsleigh track closely followed by an unwavering baddie on a motorbike before they both take a rough crash landing into a mountain storage shed…


4. Spectre

james bond spectre ski scene


It’s Daniel Craig’s turn to go skiing!

Set in the Austrian resort of Sölden, Spectre marks the very first time 007 has been filmed in Tirol (several hours from our resorts of Les Gets, La Plagne, Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000). Spectre is the fourth and final Bond film to star Daniel Craig. The dramatic plot involves Bond coming face-to-face with the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE.


We can’t machine gun wielding baddies but have a superb team out in the Alps who will do their utmost to ensure you have a fun packed family adventure.

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