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We know that planning a holiday when you have a young family requires lots of thought and organisation. When your bags are packed and you are ready to set off for a relaxing and memorable break, the last thing you want is a stressful plane journey.

It’s no secret that while many children get excited about boarding a plane, when the initial adrenaline has worn off you could be left with children who are bored, over-tired and demanding your attention.

None of us wants to be”that family” with screaming children on a plane. To lessen the likelihood of this happening on your family ski holiday, we have some tips for keeping your children calm, happy and relaxed on your flight to the Alps.

Before you board the plane

Make sure you are happy with your seating arrangements.. It can be a good idea to try and get seats at the back of a plane when travelling with young children as it means you are closer to the bathroom. Additionally, flight attendants usually sit or work at the back of a plane so you will also be able to get their attention more easily if required.

There is no harm in trying to tire your children out before you get on the plane.. Let them walk around and play some airport games such as ‘first to spot…’ to keep them busy, and hopefully they will be glad to sit down and settle during the journey.

Children’s essentials to pack for the plane

A great idea is to let each of your children have their own backpack. They can fill their own bag with favourite ‘travel-friendly’ toys, gadgets and games to keep them entertained during the flight.

You can also ask older children to carry other essentials such as bottles and wipes as well as snacks and drinks. Children will enjoy the responsibility of having their own bag to take on the plane;backpack is by far the best choice as they are easy to carry and less likely to get put down and lost!

Make sure your own hold baggage is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. There is nothing worse than trying to lug an overstuffed, heavy bag through an airport while trying to keep an eye on the children at the same time!

Top tip: Use a bag with lots of pockets and compartments to separate out different useful items and keep yourself organised.

Essentials for mum and dad on the plane

When it comes to essentials such as nappies and baby wipes, it is generally better to have more than you need rather than lessIf you are travelling with a baby pack an extra bottle of milk too. Airport restrictions don’t always make this easy! You will usually be asked to taste made up bottles of formula, or you can generally buy pre-mixed cartons of formula airside from Boots or other outlets. f you are breastfeeding, try wearing something loose and have a light blanket with you.

As travellers are usually only allowed one bag to carry-on, simply separate all the important items into a smaller bag within your larger one. This allows you to remove important documents and have everything ready to go, rather than having to rummage around in the overhead compartments post take-off.

Bring some plastic bags for rubbish, and napkins as children might end up making a mess and you’ll find it easier if you can clean it up right away. Tissues, hand sanitiser, bottles of water (purchased or refilled airside), painkillers, and plasters should all be on your carry-on packing list too.

Remember to bring all the essentials you want for yourself as well. Books or magazines, face wipes, make-up, and anything else you need will make sure you are comfortable during the flight. A portable charger is also a great idea to make sure devices stay up and running even if you have forgotten to charge them the night before (easily done!).

Entertaining the children on the plane

Young children will have a favourite toy, book, or game they want to play which will keep them busy during the flight. If your children are at the age where they want to play games on a tablet, then make sure they are able to access them offline.

You can also download TV shows and films onto devices if the flight is a short haul one and there is no in-flight entertainment.

Don’t forget headphones! If you have more than one child, letting them decide what they would like to bring with them is a good way of ensuring each has their own favourite things. Hopefully this means they won’t be fighting over the same game or toy once on board.

Food and Drink

Often shorter flights only offer a limited menu and will be rather expensive. If you have space pack your own snacks or buy at the airport.Try to avoid packing snacks that are messy and difficult to eat so you can keep everyone as clean and tidy as possible.

Have drinks and chew sweets close at hand for take-off and landing as children’s ears can become painful due to the change in pressure and chewing or drinking will help.

Packing suitable clothing

Dress everyone, including yourself in soft, comfortable clothing and bring extra layers which can be worn if anyone gets chilly. Blankets and scarves are useful to cosy up in or use as pillows. It’s also a good idea to bring a spare outfit for the youngest travellers along in your hand luggage.

Accidents do happen and flight sickness, and spillages do occur so it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities!

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With these tips you should have everything you need for a safe, happy and comfortable flight. We hope you all arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to start your family ski holiday.

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