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Last Updated 2nd October 2018 at 2:55 pm

I am Ben; Ski Famille’s Marketing Executive and newest member of the UK office team. Last week I headed out to Les Bruyeres, Reberty 2000 and Les Gets on a work-based trip (perks of the job!)

The first half of the week was pretty intense and involved a lot of driving, so it was lovely to take a short break from it all by spending some time in my paradise (the mountains).

Having spent quite a few years away from the slopes, it was great to be back. I knew I used to be a comfortable skier, but years away from the slopes made me believe my skills may be a bit rusty. Accordingly, I booked a private lesson with 360 International Ski School in Les Gets; this is the school we recommend to you.

First thing in the morning, I met my instructor, Jerome. Since I booked a private lesson, I was privileged to have all of Jerome’s attention to myself. Jerome focused on fine-tuning my technique. I had plenty of time to chat with him (such as on the chairlifts) which made the overall experience more enjoyable as well as personal. Jerome speaks perfect English as he has taught predominantly English skiers throughout his life. This means that he can explain things clearly, answer questions well, and lastly he understands the British sense of humour (always a bonus).


The Lesson

Now onto the skiing… I explained to Jerome that I hadn’t skied in years and to treat me as a beginner. We started off on a blue slope. Piece of cake!

We then moved onto a red slope. Again – pretty positive. I was pleasantly surprised how little I had forgotten. The previous night, I was lying in bed and envisaged myself skiing the next day. I was expecting to be back to square one – snow ploughing my way down the mountain with a nice break every minute (the break being when I fall onto my bum). Much to my amazement, this wasn’t the case!

Jerome couldn’t believe it when I told him when I last skied. We moved onto a few harder red pistes which proved challenging but manageable. After each run, Jerome pointed out things that I didn’t even realise I was doing. He had a great eye for improving my technique, and I felt that I was improving at a very fast rate! I’d like to say this was down to me being a fast learner, but in reality it was Jerome being a great teacher.


Teaching Style

Each time we jumped onto a chairlift, we’d bump into children that were with Ski Famille and having lessons with 360. Jerome had taught them previously in the week and they all shouted “Jerome”. He was on first-name terms with all of them too. It was very clear that he was great with children and that they loved him. Some French ski schools have a reputation as being a bit ‘cold’… particularly to British children who can find the schools a little intimidating. But not 360! Ski Famille deliberately recommend ski schools with long-standing reputations as having friendly, professional, qualified instructors; all of whom speak English fluently and are great with children.

Jerome came across as a very adaptable teacher. From what I saw when we were by the chairlift around our younger Ski Famille guests, he seemed great at teaching regardless of the age, ability and size of the group. He’d originally taught me as if I was a beginner, and as soon as he realised I was capable of skiing on harder slopes, he taught at a more intermediate (or dare I say it… advanced level!)

After my lesson, I attempted some skiing by myself. I loved the freedom of going wherever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted to do – but still putting what Jerome told me into practice. Later I went for a ski with Zohi, our Les Gets Resort Manager. Now in her sixth ski season, Zohi was no rookie! As you’d expect, she was bombing it down the slopes, but I wasn’t trailing as far behind as I originally thought I would. Again, I think this was partly due to me being a fast learner but predominantly down to Jerome being a great teacher.

Jerome was a great ambassador for 360 Ski School. I am very confident that all of 360’s instructors are just as great as Jerome was. I cannot recommend 360 highly enough… thank you Jerome and 360 Ski School for my lesson!

360 International are our chosen partners for Mountain Marmots Childcare and Tuition in Les Getsfind out more here.

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