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Last Updated 8th October 2018 at 9:34 am


First Premium Ski Wear Rental business launched in the United Kingdom

Although common in the US it has not, until now, been possible to hire branded ski clothing in the United Kingdom. Now a new company, Skismart, has stepped into the breach to offer premium gear from major brands including Spyder, Helly Hansen, Schoffel and Killy.

There’s certainly some economic logic here – adult hire rates start at around £80 per week and for that you could be wearing a jacket and pant worth up to £1,000. Kids’ outfits run from around £40 per week. Arguably better than buying everything and leaving it in the loft for 51 weeks a year.

“We knew the service would appeal to families, with kids quickly outgrowing their clothing, but we also find Mum and Dad like to wear something a bit sporty, chic or retro for a change, even if they already own some ski clothing” comments Managing Director, Toby Phipps. “It’s also a chance to try out new season styles or colours without breaking the bank.”

The gear is 100% new for 2017 and Skismart delivers all orders for free by courier. At the end of your holiday it’s equally simple – “Don’t wash anything, just put it all back in your delivery box and drop it off at a courier point or contact us to arrange a collection”, says Toby.

A glance at the Skismart website suggests there’s plenty of choice and all ages and sizes are catered for. In addition, customers can take advantage of a ‘try before you fly’ service, where items are sent in advance to ensure the correct fit has been selected. That means no nasty surprises on arrival in resort.
“Most of us have been too cold, too hot or wet and miserable in poor quality ski gear at least once. This business is about giving everyone, from beginners to experienced skiers, access to some of the best clothing on the market”, Toby comments.

That makes a lot of sense to us here at Ski Famille.

Ski Famille has negotiated a 10% discount for its customers on all 2016/17 season orders placed with Skismart before 30 November 2016. Use Discount Code ‘SF01’ at checkout.


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