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Last Updated 8th October 2018 at 11:36 am

Next winter is our 26th season in the French Alps and we remain as focused as ever on ensuring that families travelling with children have the best possible experience of the mountains. Our carefully selected chalets, combined with our À La Carte childcare, ensure both parents and children get the most from their time in three world-class ski areas.

We know all of our chalets and resorts intimately and will help with all of the arrangements for your perfect family skiing holiday. We are also able to offer you hundreds of free child places throughout the season as well as fantastic loyalty discounts.

By booking your 2016/17 family ski holiday early you are able to select your first choice of chalet and resort from our handpicked collection. You will also ensure that you secure the dates that best suit your family.

Call us on 01252 365 495 for details of 2016/17 prices,

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