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Last Updated 2nd October 2018 at 1:54 pm

A skiing holiday is rarely a cheap experience, but for those of us that love our fix of snow, a trip to the mountains can be our most rewarding holiday of the year. There are, of course, ways to ensure that you get the best possible value for money when you head for the hills.

With a bit of online research there are always many great deals to be found. You might find heavily reduced offers (such as on our offers page) but also sales on ski clothing as well as reduced ski passes. A recent study has investigated which of the 40 largest skiing domains in the world offered the lowest priced 6-day ski passes per kilometre of slopes. The research was conducted by the Commercial Director of Val Thorens Tours, while piste length was determined through independent research by Schrahe in 2014/15.

Here are the results…



1st Place

In first place was the Three Valleys! Ski pass prices per kilometre of slopes were just €0.61. Our resorts of Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000 are both found in the Three Valleys (near to Les Menuires). This is fantastic news for any families looking to stay in our Three Valleys chalets (Aigrette, Corbeau, Faucon, Aigle, Eva, Katie 1, Katie 2). Not only this, but the area claims to be the most linked skiing area in the world. This means you can cover a lot of distance, such as skiing to many Three Valleys resorts without splashing the cash. In other words, you really get your money’s worth in terms of skiing far… for less! With Les Menuires as your base, you can easily take a chair lift up to Val Thorens, or how does skiing down to Saint-Martin de Belleville sound?

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2nd Place

In second place, Portes du Soleil offers great bang for your buck. With ski pass prices per kilometre at only €0.70, a trip to this skiing domain should be at the top of your bucket list! Skiing prices are not only well priced in Portes du Soleil, but also our family-friendly resort of Les Gets (found in the Portes du Soleil region) is under an hour and a half’s drive from Geneva airport; making it ideal for those travelling with young children. Portes du Soleil are also competing with the Three Valleys to be the most linked skiing area in the world. Both skiing domains claim to hold the record as having the most-linked skiing terrain in the world. We can’t tell you who is right, however with our chalets situated in both skiing areas, between them we are confident that one of the two domains holds the record for being the most linked!

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3rd Place

Paradiski had the third lowest ski pass prices per kilometre of slopes, at just €0.78. Here you’ll find our chalets Nicole and Delphine in our family-friendly resort of Plagne 1800 (200 vertical metres below Plagne Centre). Plagne 1800 is a far prettier and ‘softer’ resort containing chalets as opposed to the purpose-built Plagne Centre which contains more apartment style accommodation. At 1800 metres, Plagne 1800 makes a great location for more than just its affordable ski passes. The skiing around the resort is regarded as an “intermediate’s paradise” by the Where to Ski and Snowboard Guide. It also experiences plenty of snow with whopping snow depths of over 4 metres in the upper skiing areas.

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What does it mean for us?

This study really is fantastic news for all of us at Ski Famille. We often refer to our family-friendly chalets as being in “superb locations” and this study has only further supported this. All of the skiing domains that our resorts are situated in have taken the top 3 spots for value for money ski passes. As well as the skiing domains being great value for money, our chalets also offer easy access to the pistes – being either ski-in-ski-out or in very close proximity to the slopes.

For those that speak French, you can read more on this study on ski-planet as well as on the graph above.

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