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A family ski holiday often brings new experiences. For many, it is a different environment, in a different country,  around different people, speaking a different language; all while learning a new sport. As parents, you’ll know yourselves that this can be tough, so now imagine it from a child’s perspective!


In-Chalet Childcare

Fortunately, at Ski Famille, everything we do focuses on one key area, convenience. We endeavour to ensure your family holiday experience is as stress-free as possible by creating a “home-from-home” environment. Home-from-home simply means all of your home comforts and luxuries have been transferred over to the mountains. Enjoy our board games and espresso machines in our Premier Select Plus chalets. All of our chalets have dedicated playrooms whereby our genuinely enthusiastic and highly qualified nannies and childcare staff come directly to you. You won’t need to drop your children off in the morning at a crèche… meaning more skiing time! We have a saying for this:

Happy children = Happy parents.


Before ski school

All of our chalets are deliberately located close to the ski schools that we work with. Our warm and friendly childcare team will get your children ready for ski lessons and take your little ones on the short walk to the ski school meeting point. All of our childcare team are experts in bonding with your children so they do not feel apprehensive or nervous.

We follow OFSTED rules so that our nannies can monitor smaller, more manageable groups. As a result, our team can give their individual attention to your child; ensuring that they feel at ease and supported. Parents are always invited to come to ski school if your child requires a “familiar face”. However, we often find that the “familiar face” soon ends up being the faces of our childcare staff! We take great pleasure in watching your child grow in confidence and independence through the course of your family skiing holiday. 


During ski school

Our ski school partners we work with are suitable for all abilities. Lessons are typically 2 hours 45 minutes long but times, days and durations do vary by resort and age group. See our resort pages for more information.

Our ski school partners have been chosen for their professionalism and ability to teach in a fun and encouraging environment. This is supported by the continued positive feedback we receive from you. We have chosen to use the following ski schools:

All ski school instructors we work with are confident in speaking English to a high level due to the large influx of British tourists to our resorts. For our youngest children, such as those in ESF’s Mini Club (ideal for children from 30 months to 5 years), our nannies and childcare team will support your children while under ESF’s supervision. For example, if your child needs to go to the toilet at any point during the Mini Club, our nannies are always on hand.

For further information on Les Gets’ ski school, we recommend reading our Marketing Executive’s blog on his 360 ski school lesson.

After ski school

We often find that children may be a little timid when walking with our nannies to ski school. However, on the walk back to their chalet they are beaming with joy. Sometimes it takes children a little longer to become comfortable with their surroundings. A little adrenaline can really help get their endorphins flowing and improve their confidence.

Once our Mountain Marmots have finished ski school, most families have chosen to book our Monty’s Afternoon Club childcare. This is our afternoon childcare service which includes a supervised children’s lunch from 12.30pm to 2pm, followed by outdoor play and activities in the snow until 5pm.  These activities include a supervised hunt for Monty the Marmot, tobogganing, arts and crafts and much, much more. Our service is not about “child minding”; we want to create a stimulating and fun environment that is remembered long after you have left the mountains. By the afternoon, our nannies and your child would have have had plenty of time together to build rapport. Usually by this point your little one really begins to feel completely settled!

By late afternoon, children can enjoy a nice child-friendly tea and finish off the day using your chalet’s facilities. For example, enjoying our Premier Select Plus chalets games rooms or cinema rooms. You can be sure your little ones will sleep well after an enjoyable, action-packed day!

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