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Make sure you don’t leave home without your skiing essentials!

Choosing what to pack when heading off for your family skiing holiday in the Alps is not always easy. Making sure you have all the essentials is important as the last thing you want is to arrive at your resort and realise you have forgotten something vital. 

Here are some of the essentials that are important to remember when getting you and your family ready for your skiing trip to the Alps.

Socks and undies

Of course, while you are unlikely to forget to bring these, what is important to remember is that you will need more than you usually would! Skiing is a fantastic sport that the whole family can enjoy, but if socks get wet it is a great idea to have spares to hand. You’ll also probably want to shower and change after a day on the slopes so putting on another set of fresh clothes is essential to make sure you feel relaxed and able to truly enjoy your apres ski time. 

Base layers

The last thing you want is for you or any member of your family to be cold on the slopes. Remember, once you leave your chalet you are likely to be out for the day so making sure you have lots of layers on is so important. Base layers are perfect because they are designed to keep you warm and dry throughout the day, but remember if you aren’t planning to do any laundry during your holiday you might want to invest in more than one set so you can change these for a fresh pair after a few days. 

Sunscreen, moisturiser and lip balm

The change in climate can wreak havoc on your skin, so it is a good idea to pack a decent moisturiser as well as a UV lip balm to avoid lips getting dry and chapped. High factor sunscreen is an absolute must when out on the slopes. Even on a day where the sun isn’t shining, make sure you all apply a layer before you hit the slopes, as well as topping up throughout the day to keep you protected from the suns harmful rays. 

Medical kit

Having a basic medical kit with you is a great idea. Bumps and scrapes are bound to happen when you are out on the slopes, so having a small kit on you while you are out skiing means you can quickly patch things up and get on your way. Plasters, antiseptic cream, painkillers, antibacterial gel and wipes and medicine for coughs and colds are the bare minimum to take with you. 

Apres ski outfits (but not as many as you might think)!

After the end of a long and fabulous day on the slopes you will no doubt want to change out of your ski gear into something more comfortable. However, remember that for the most part you’ll be out on the slopes having a great time, so make sure you don’t take up too much precious packing space with hundreds of outfit changes. Even if you go out in the evening it’s likely you’ll wear your ski jacket to keep the chilly weather at bay anyway!

A flask or thermos

Taking a flask with you can save you a decent amount of money if you are planning to stop for drinks during your day on the slopes. Having hot chocolate, tea or coffee all ready with you means you can stop for a lovely warming beverage without having to head to a piste side cafe or bar and this way you’ll have more time for skiing too!

Plug adaptors

Almost everyone has, at one time or another, forgotten this handy little item when they have packed for their family holiday. While you might find that your resort sells them, it will save you money and hassle if you have some at home that you can bring along with you so phones and gadgets stay fully charged at all times!

Hats and gloves

While you will wear a skiing helmet and proper skiing gloves on the slopes, don’t forget that you will need hats and gloves for enjoying your après ski time too. Pack some warm bobble or beanie hats and gloves or mittens for you and the children to make sure you all stay warm and cosy when heading out to enjoy fun activities, or delicious meals when you are finished skiing for the day. 

The best thing you can do to ensure you have everything you need for your family skiing holiday is make a list well in advance of your trip. You can add to this as you think of more handy items and check everything off before you leave. Staying organised and remembring these little essentials will ensure you and your family have a brilliant, and hassle-free ski holiday! 

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