Great news for any prospective guests looking to travel in March. For those not looking to fly from London Gatwick, we have a range of flights available from regional airports.

We now offer you flights from the following airports: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London Heathrow, London Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton, Southend.

Our regional flights are based on live prices and are therefore subject to change.  All of our regional flights land at and depart from Geneva airport.

For more information on regional flights or any other queries, please call our friendly team on 01252 365 495.

Below are our Bristol and Manchester flights at the time of writing. Please view the list above to see which other airports we offer flights from, or to receive a quote please call us on 01252 365 495.


3rd March, Family of 4:

Bristol to Geneva, Chalet Nicole Family Suite, £3,927

Bristol to Geneva, Chalet Delphine Family Suite, £4,127

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Nicole Family Suite, £3,616

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Delphine Family Suite, £3,816


10th March, Family of 4:

Bristol to Geneva, Chalet Faucon Family Suite, £4,593

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Faucon Family Suite, £4,520


17th March, Family of 4:

Bristol to Geneva, Chalet Nicole£3,737

Bristol to Geneva, Chalet Delphine£4,058

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Nicole, £3,945

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Delphine£4,267


31st March, Family of 4:

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Grand Mouflon, £4,808

Manchester to Geneva, Chalet Bogart, £5,308


Call us on 01252 365 495 if you have any queries.


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