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Last Updated 2nd October 2018 at 2:40 pm

A new ski themed card game, the first of its kind has just launched on KickStarter called ‘Ski the Mountain‘. Skiing and board game enthusiast Ian Harris, has combined his two great passions to create this exciting new card game and has promised donations to the British Ski Team who have just competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The game is perfect for our guests with children over 8 years old (there’s nothing stopping younger players having a go though).



What is Ski the Mountain?

Ski the Mountain is a highly competitive card game for up to 4 players, the perfect gift for a snow lover and a great après ski game for Ski Famille families. The game is simple to learn, fun to play and can be enjoyed by families and experienced players alike. Players collect runs attempting to be the first to ski various combinations or visit mountain restaurants, allowing you to get your ski fix from the sofa. The game contains over 100 cards of 7 different types, with photos and illustrations of skiing and mountains.

“The game is fast and highly competitive, with lots of laughter as you attempt to block or hinder each other racing to Ski the Mountain. It’s been a lengthy process designing and creating the game, and has become a project I’m really proud of, I just hope now I get the opportunity to share it.”

Ian Harris (Game Creator).


How do you play?

The aim of the game is to maximise your points scored by collecting ski runs. Each turn players can take a piste card. These represent blue, red or black ski runs and in combination or alone allow players to take a run card. Using these cards players collect ski runs that are shown on the piste map. Collecting the right combination of ski runs maximises the points players score. Watch out though… there are lots of obstacles and distractions that can heed or hinder your progress.

The game has just been published to KickStarter, the funding platform for creative projects, in order to raise enough pledges to fund the first large print run.

If you would like to take a look and support the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.



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