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Last Updated 6th August 2020 at 1:55 pm

Skiing is a fun and healthy hobby that can take you all over the world and can be enjoyed by almost anyone! However, those who are new to the slopes can find their first time skiing a little daunting.

Fears of falling over, looking stupid or just not being able to get the hang of it are all very common. The good news is that skiing is actually one of those sports that anyone can get to grips with, it just takes a little time and effort to learn the basics, and then each time you ski, your confidence will grow and grow.

Whether you are hoping to teach your young child to ski, or you are an adult who has always fancied the idea of skiing but felt too nervous to try it, these useful tips will help you to overcome those nerves and feel assured and confident on the slopes.

So what can you do if you are feeling nervous about hitting the slopes?

Take your time

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to become brilliant right away. Even if you are holidaying with people who have been skiing for years, it is always important to go at your own pace and only move onto harder slopes when you feel totally ready to do so. Rushing things will only increase your chances of taking a tumble and set you back even further.

Have lessons

Lessons with a good, patient instructor will help you gain confidence and learn the basics so you can continue to ski on your own with ease. Anyone who is nervous, rusty or a complete novice will benefit from skiing lessons before they hit the slopes solo.

Practice on a dry slope

If you are heading off on a skiing holiday on real snow it’s always a good idea to practice at home on a dry ski slope first. Dry ski slopes tend to be much slower than real snow, so it’s a good way to build up your confidence and technique before heading out to have a go on the real thing.

Get advice on the right equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference. Make sure you get your ski’s and ski boots fitted by a professional. Invest in warm, waterproof, padded clothing. Wear protective goggles and a helmet. Having the right gear will help you feel safer and therefore more confident too.


Take deep breaths to calm yourself, and try to relax your muscles. If you are feeling super tense you are more likely to fall, and it’s more likely to hurt when you do. Make sure at the end of each skiing day you take time to wind down in your luxury ski chalet, enjoy a great meal, have a well-deserved glass of wine, and snuggle up with a movie or play a game. Getting proper rest and recuperation will help you start each new skiing day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the slopes once more.

Learn how to fall correctly

We hate to say it, but falling over is probably inevitable for new skiers. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem. If you understand how to fall correctly there is no reason why it should hurt, and you can just dust yourself off and get right back out there. Once you’ve toppled over a few times and know it’s not so bad, you probably won’t mind too much either!

Learn in a group

Have some lessons in a group of people of similar ability and experience to you. Group learning can be lots of fun and if you’re all in it together you won’t feel embarrassed or silly – you can support one another and have a laugh instead!

Think positively

Positive thinking is always helpful. Try to forget about past tumbles, and when times get tough just keep reassuring yourself that you can do it and you’ll get there in the end. Sometimes having a positive mindset from the outset can really make all the difference!

Remember, if at first you don’t succeed…

If you are having a bad day or feeling like you are taking one step forward and two steps back try not to beat yourself up about it. There are plenty of other fantastic activities to enjoy on a skiing holiday so take the afternoon off and explore, or go back to basics and try the easier runs again until you feel confident once more.

Have fun!

Above all else, skiing should be about having fun…. if you relax, take your time and go at your own pace you are sure to have a fantastic time on the slopes.

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