The Best Gadgets to Take on your Family Ski Holiday in 2016

The Best Gadgets for your Family Ski Holiday

Skiing with the family is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together and if you haven’t booked your ski holiday for this year by now, you’ll already be feeling the itch.

But when it comes to packing there are several gadgets and accessories that you should keep in mind which could make your holiday even better. We have put together list of some exciting and quirky bits of kit.

Funky Helmet Covers for Children

funky children's ski helmet covers

If you want to get the children excited why not invest in a helmet cover for them to wear? Keeping children safe on the slopes is of utmost importance so wearing a helmet is a must.

However, there is no reason that you can’t make wearing a helmet fun, particularly if you come up with any resistance. A funky helmet cover might make life a whole lot easier.

Helmet covers come in a whole range of colours, and you can even get animals, monsters or angry birds!

£13.99 from

A Waterproof Camera for the Children

waterproof kids camera skiing

You can invest in a good waterproof camera to make sure that you capture all the family skiing action while out on the slopes. A waterproof camera is a good idea in the snow as if it accidentally gets dropped and wet, you know the family snaps will still be safe.

If you want to nominate one of your little ones to be in charge of documenting the family holiday then why not try the VTech Kidizoom Fun Cam? This doubles up as both a waterproof camera and camcorder, which can be worn as a head torch and is easy to use – suitable for ages 5-12 years.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Video Camera


GoPro cameras are known for their rugged, mountable high definition camera features – perfect for serious skiers keen to capture the more exhilarating moments on the slopes. Although slightly pricey (these cameras start from £409.99) the GoPro Hero 4 Black is one of the best out there for capturing your family ski sessions.

The camera can even record at 4K (super high definition) at 30 frames per second which allows you to playback your recordings in Full HD – and even in slow motion! The camera, although primarily used for video, can even take photos at 8.3 Megapixels, which rivals good digital cameras!

£409.99, | Amazon

A Snowball Thower!

You may want to simply relax after a day out on the slopes, but if you and the children still have some energy then thesnowball thrower is a fantastic toy that helps your little ones create and then throw the perfect snowball!

Your children will absolutely love how far they can throw using this handy helper, it also means you can make snowballs without having to get hands wet and cold!

£2.00 from Millets.

A Great Water Carrier

As we mentioned earlier, staying safe on the slopes is the most important thing, particularly when skiing with children. Skiing is tough exercise and so it is important to keep the whole family hydrated.

The Camelbak Antidote Reservoir makes that easy. Simply fill up in the morning and put it in your backpack, then anytime anyone is in need of a drink they simply bite and sip from the handy tube.

£35.00 from

Your Very Own Power Station

rechargable gadget for skiing

There is nothing more annoying then a gadget running out halfway through a day on the slopes. If you need to keep your phone on you, or want to listen to music while you ski then why not invest in Mophie’s Powerstation?

This is a handy little tool that will recharge your devices on the go. It’s great for those who are skiing with their family as you will have peace of mind that you can stay connected even if you get separated.

£74.95 from

So now that the snow is finally here and the 2016 ski season is in full swing, why not invest in these fantastic gadgets to make your family skiing holiday extra special?

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