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Last Updated 21st May 2019 at 3:24 pm

Having experienced the first batch of snow setting in the Alps a few weeks ago, we felt that we needed to write a blog piece to update you with the current weather conditions. The snow has continued to fall and we just couldn’t resist providing you with another weather update!

If you’ve been keeping a close-eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages you will have seen plenty of snowy photos and photos of the current conditions.

Here is a quick run-down of the weather so far (and more importantly) what the forecast predicts up until the ski season starts! All of the photos in this blog have been captured in the last week so that you get a realistic and up-to-date representation of how our resorts currently look.

Les Gets

The family-friendly resort of Les Gets has experienced so much snow recently that the Les Gets tourist office just couldn’t resist opening up to skiers early. This is something that hasn’t happened in years! Better still, a further 40 centimetres of snow is expected to fall in the next 7 days. View the live webcam to see just how Mont Chery (in Les Gets) looks right now.

To fully embrace the conditions, we highly recommend two restaurants with great terrace views – Grand Ourse and Belvedere. Both of these restaurants are located on the south facing side of Mont Chery looking across to Mont Blanc and offer you truly stunning views!

La Plagne

Watching the live webcam footage of La Plagne as well as scanning the weather forecast below should provide you with all the information (and visuals) you need to get excited for your holiday. Our two chalets in La Plagne –Delphine and Nicole – are just a stone’s throw (or snow ball throw!) away from the ski lifts, offering you great ski-in-ski-out opportunities so that you can fully make the most of all the fresh snow! Nearly 45 more centimetres of snow is expected to set over the next 7 days.

Les Menuires

Close your eyes and visualise the most picturesque skiing conditions imaginable. Disclaimer: Do not scroll down! If you are like us, your image will look something like how Les Menuires looks at the moment. Our resorts of Reberty 2000 and Les Bruyeres (both in Les Menuires) sleep guests high up in the mountains – close to where the sun is at its strongest and the views most spectacular! Currently Les Menuires is experiencing the perfect combination of thick and fresh snow, blue skies and plenty of sunshine – and you’ll be delighted to know this is not due to change anytime soon with 40 centimetres more snow expected over the next week.

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