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There are, thankfully, thousands of ways that a family can enjoy themselves on holiday. With so many options it may be difficult to spot the best route to family holiday happiness, but here at Ski Famille we firmly believe that the best family holidays are family ski holidays. We may be a little biased but hear us out! If you’ve already been on a Ski Famille family ski holiday you will have enjoyed variety, value, convenience, great service and lots of fun; but for the benefit of the uninitiated, why exactly are skiing holidays the best option for families?

The Skiing – One of the Best Family Kids Holidays

When it comes to going on holiday with children, the experiences you’ll enjoy when visiting the mountains are hard to beat. Think of the levels of enjoyment you’d get from a break at your favourite theme park … then double it! That’s how good it is. There’s something about skiing that beats any ride at an amusement park. Children and parents love the snow, the speed, the freedom and the scenery. You may even encounter our own cuddly character when in the mountains; so don’t forget to look out for Monty the Marmot!

Skiing With Childcare

We all want to spend time with our children when on holiday, but sometimes you can’t realistically do all the same things at the same time (at least not whilst retaining your sanity as a parent). Ski Famille has a range of childcare options for your family, making skiing with us an exceptionally family friendly choice. Our in-chalet childcare caters for children at all ages and stages; whether they are ready to head for the slopes themselves or need to be entertained and amused in a safe and fun environment while parents are enjoying their own time on the snow.

Lots of Other Activities for Children to Enjoy

A holiday in the French Alps is not just about the skiing, there are many other activities that make skiing holidays the best option for families. Family friendly activities include bum-boarding, ice skating, chocolate workshops, dog sledding and trips to the swimming pool. All of our family ski resorts have excellent activities for children throughout the winter.

Great Exercise for Children

Few holidays with children involved allow time to simply sit back and relax (much as us parents may wish for it some of the time!), but if you’re looking to keep your children as active as possible a family skiing holiday is an excellent plan. Even less active children will quickly get involved in activities if there is a game or element of fun to it – we think skiing and other snow based activities fit the bill nicely!

A Hassle Free Family Holiday

Not only will you have a lot of fun, when planning your holiday with Ski Famille you’ll have everything taken care of. We have been taking families to the Alps for over 25 years and know how to make the experience simple and stress free; whether it’s arranging convenient airport transfers, or ensuring your ski passes are delivered directly to your chalet – you’ll enjoy a completely trouble free experience with Ski Famille.

A Sociable Family Holiday

What could be better than taking your family skiing? Sharing the experience with a wider group of family or friends! Regular Ski Famille guests often travel on family ski holidays with a group friends or with Grandparents in tow. ‘Co-holidaying’ is a great way to travel and catch up with friends and family at the same time. Alternatively, if you are sharing a chalet with families you don’t know you’ll give yourself a chance to meet new people, which is always great fun for children. Booking in to our kids clubs is a great way for children to make friends whilst on holiday. On many occasions we’ve had families who’ve met on holiday rebook to travel together on future trips.

A Natural Retreat!

Skiing is one of the most fantastic ways to be around nature. The majestic mountain vistas and the snow covered trees make it a wonderful way to connect with the natural environment – and the luxurious chalets we offer make it much more comfortable than camping!

Family Ski Holidays = The Best Holidays!

Whatever type of holiday your family might want you probably just want everyone to have a good time. So when you book your family ski holiday with Ski Famille remember the above tips, everyone is sure to get excited and enthusiastic about their upcoming trip. Don’t forget to browse the rest of our blogs for more great tips and information.

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