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Last Updated 5th August 2020 at 3:44 pm

Our Top Tips for anyone working in the Alps next season

Save a little money before you go

When you hit the ground in a new resort, with lots of new friends and opportunities for socialising, your first pay cheque might seem a long way off. If you have saved a bit of money before you head for the hills you’ll be well placed to make the most of your first few weeks in the mountains.

Pack less than you think, a lot less!

Many a seasonaire has arrived at the airport with a holdall bigger than themselves and an excess baggage bill to match. The reality is that when you’re at work you’ll probably be in uniform and much of your time off will hopefully be spent in your ski or boarding gear. You definitely don’t need 101 outfit combinations to have fun in your new local. You’re also unlikely to have masses of storage space in your accommodation. Pack what you need to get you through 7-10 days … but ensure you quickly work out where to do your laundry!

Prepare for hard work

Seasons are fun but you’ll be working hard. If you start with the expectation of some long days, a steep learning curve and some demanding situations you’ll be mentally in the right place. Once you get in the swing of things you’ll work more and more efficiently, meaning more time on the mountains. As in most jobs, the people that get the most from their experience will be the ones that make the effort to engage with their guests and colleagues.

Look after yourself 

With lots of work and lots of opportunities to play you can quickly find that you start to run out of steam. Remember to eat well, get in some good quality sleep and make some time to put your feet up. You won’t miss out if you occasionally turn down the offer of the night out, but you will have the energy to enjoy the blue bird days on the mountain.

The time flies by 

When you head for the hills in late November or early December the end of the season will seem like a lifetime away. Old hands will know that the time passes quicker than you can imagine. Make the most of the opportunities presented to hone your skills at work, perfect your technique on the slopes and make new friends. Although if you really love it you can always do it all over again!

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