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On the 12th-14th December, four of the UK Ski Famille team based in the Fleet (Hampshire) office went on a whistle-stop tour to the Alps. We managed to squeeze in visits to all of our chalets across our resorts of Les Gets, La Plagne, Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000. Below, I have shared my personal experiences.

My name is Naomi and I work in the Ski Famille sales team. Having previously completed many ski seasons, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to return to the Alps for work once again and jumped at the chance to have a tour of our Ski Famille chalets. I was returning with a different perspective than my seasonaire days as I now have a two year old and a completely new set of priorities!

Day 1 – Les Menuires

The first stop was Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000 (both found close to one another in Les Menuires). Reberty was the biggest surprise for me as I hadn’t realised just how convenient everything was. It is literally all on your doorstep. With only a few minutes walking needed,  I wouldn’t even need a buggy to walk around with my 2 year old and I would imagine he would love the freedom! Chalet Eva was my standout chalet in Reberty, I loved the traditional décor and the warm homely feeling it had. The playroom was just outside of the chalet but had an enclosed terrace for the children to play in which was a lovely touch.

Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace, Chalet Corbeau

For our first night in Les Bruyeres, we stayed in Chalet Corbeau and the early start time that morning was instantly forgotten when I reached my bedroom and spotted the spa bath and complimentary robe and slippers!  A chilled glass of prosecco in front of the fire set me up for a beautiful raclette dinner, served by the Corbeau staff. The chalet girls were sweet and friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. The raclette dinner was just the right touch after a long day and a brilliantly sociable meal. I could instantly see how this would be a great dinner for guests on their first night.



Day 2 – La Plagne

Our Beautiful Living Area, Chalet Nicole

La Plagne 1800 was a real diamond, the chalets were beautiful. I was surprised how Chalet Nicole, although it sleeps 30 had such an intimate feel in the lounge and dining room. Laura, the chalet manager was fantastic and added lots of her own personal touches. The staff even remembered exactly how I had my tea the previous night and when I came down for breakfast there was a personal pot waiting for me! Speaking of tea, the chalets were styled with a traditional alpine feel, which is just my cup of tea. I fell in love with Chalet Delphine and its traditional charming and luxurious feel. I’d sum these chalets up as chocolate box chalets on a larger scale with perfect ski access.


Day 3 – Les Gets

There is something for every taste in Les Gets, with the modern and sleek interiors of chalets Bogart and Bacall to the cosy wooden interiors in Grand Mouflon and Petit Mouflon.

My favourite property was Chalet Marjorie. Marjorie was refurbished this summer (2017) and so we were the first staff to see the new layout. The amount of space was immense, with a spacious beautiful dining room and a large terrace. There was a cosy reading nook in the “office” which would be the perfect hiding place to take a good book. The chalet staff only added to the wow of this chalet, they were friendly, knowledgeable and clearly looking forward to receiving their first guests.

I am a nursery nurse by trade and so felt drawn into the playrooms to hunt out the childcare teams.  They were lively, friendly, enthusiastic and full of activity ideas that they were keen to get started on. They had made the playrooms their own and each had a personality that reflected that of the team creating it. I could imagine leaving my little boy in any of those playrooms, relaxed in the knowledge that he would be cared for, cuddled, entertained and handed back at the end of the day in an exhausted state!

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